The Art of Food Photography. All Eyes On: da Lima

By EyeEm Team - 3 min read

Meet a true master of food photography

Today’s community feature takes us to the kitchen of a true master of food photography. Read on to learn about the perfect cup of tea, cooking for the King of Thailand & the most essential tips for taking better food photos.

Name: Simone da Lima
Age: 43
Location: Lelystad, The Netherlands
Occupation: I’m a freelance storyteller, concept designer, art director, and pastry chef – on my way to become a food stylist and a conceptual mobile food photographer.

Food of choice: Tea, as a beverage, a cooking ingredient and a medicine. Tea plays an essential role in my everyday life and cooking, which is apparent in my gallery I guess. Preparing the perfect cup of tea is an art form, and not an easy one to master. You have to be patient, focused and precise – like in food photography. Sharing tea is sharing a part of who you are.

The best moment of your life so far: Cooking for the King and Queen of Thailand during a gastronomic competition in Bangkok, Thailand. Out of hundreds of professional and amateur cooks, I was one of the lucky ten finalists, who were invited to cook their dish for an internationally renowned chef’s jury, and the King and Queen.

I was just a home cook at the time; I couldn’t believe I was invited to cook at the Royal Thai Palace. That in itself was such an honour. I didn’t win, but it was the start of a career in food.

By da Lima

The best piece of advice you’ve been given: Leave the past in the past, and don’t try to grasp the future. Focus on the moment – live now.

Favorite editing app: Little Photo

Favorite album on EyeEm: White Album

Your pro tip for taking better photos: Food is very popular, and so is food photography. Dare to be different, innovative and adventurous, if you want to stand out. Food is personal: Find your own voice, your own connection to food, and it will translate to your photography.

Think about what story you want to tell, before you start shooting. Do you want to tell a story about an ingredient, the preparation, a single cooking technique, a dish, or perhaps a conceptual story, like I like to do? Each story requires a different approach, preparation, location or setting.

Take your time to observe the type of food, and the way the light plays with it, when shooting a still life. Arrange the food(s) in an interesting manner, be precise, but leave room for spontaneity. And try to imagine the perfect shot in your mind.

The best food photos are taken during the golden hour. But I can also recommend shooting food during the blue hour,the period oftwilighteach morning and evening where there is neither fulldaylightnor completedarkness.

Don’t edit just for the sake of editing. Take a strong shot, and only edit when it really enhances the quality of the photo.

For me it’s all about great composition, natural lighting, and graphic elements like shapes, color or the absence of color, tactility, sensitivity and love for food.

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