Taking Black & White Photography to the Next Level. Koci Shoots Capa

By Severin - 3 min read

Together with today’s release of Capa, our new black and white filter, we’re excited to present an exclusive series from our friend Richard “Koci” Hernandez shot.

Together with today’s release of Capa, our new black and white filter, we’re excited to present you an exclusive series our friend Richard “Koci” Hernandez shot. An Emmy award winning story teller, Koci went to places such as New York, Los Angeles, Taipei and Vietnam to explore the true creative potential of Capa.

“It must have been an overwhelming and daunting task to try and make a filter to live up to that name but my opinion is that you did one hell of a job. The grain, the contrast and the tone would make Robert Capa very happy in photographer heaven.” – Richard Koci Hernandez

Capa meets Koci

Robert Capa is one of the most iconic photographers of the 20th century. A photo journalist, co-founder of Magnum and amazing storyteller, we wanted to create a filter that transports the timeless beauty of a Capa-photograph into the mobile age. Likewise, we couldn’t think of anybody else than Richard “Koci” Hernandez to take the first shots with our new baby.

Koci, an Emmy award winning journalist (who just got nominatedagain) and assistant professor at UC Berkeley, is one of those few people who grasped the new possibilitiesthat come through mobile imaging from early on. His images are almost purely shot on black & white, recalling the era of analog photography while avoiding being “retro” – instead, they’re a lively proof of how stories can be told in the digital, hyper-connected age.

I try to experiment with as much range in subject matter as I could in order to try out the Capa filter. I must say I’m usually pretty set in my ways but I may have found a new “filter” voice and style. Don’t be surprised if everything I shoot has this filter on it.– Richard Koci Hernandez

Thanks Koci for producing this stunning series for us. If you feel inspired, do get our latest updated for iPhone and Android and add your Capa shots to the album capa filter.

Want to try out Capa too? Head straight to the App Store & Google Play to get the free update:

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