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Super Woofers: The Best of Summer Dogs

By EyeEm Team - 3 min read

Paws what you’re doing and enjoy these heart warming shots of dogs enjoying the summer!

So, we know Fall “officially” started last week, but just in case you are still missing summer just a little bit, we have a big treat for you! Our recent Summer Dogs Mission with The Huffington Post was probably the cutest photo Mission ever run on EyeEm, and we’re jumping for joy at the results.

The Huffington Post made a somewhat enormous selection of the happiest dogs of summer to publish on their HuffPost Home pages, with full credits and links back to all the winning profiles on EyeEm. Brace yourself though everyone, these little fellas are incredibly cute! Check out the full article here!

Congratulations to Dee , Nikolai Mitov, Roman Kraft, Silvia, Miloš, Ian Mc, Anabela Henriques, Jenn Blossom, grellgrau, Ira Sarita, Patrick Kidney, Juanmoley, debo_l, James Ronan, Klaudie Moravcova, Yana P Bardachenko, julia, Amy, Arun Bhaskar, Eric Chu, ddayi, Cory Dean, Kalin Geisreiter, Kaylyn Smith, Mónica Durán, Han Linsanity, michelle, Bill, Jo Cattan, Sruff, Valentina Matelli, Richard Moon, Hung Lung, Sven Hartmann and Katie Jordan who were all featured. As you can see, it was a bit of a whopper image collection, so below are just a few of our favorites!

High angle view of girl in bikini lying down by dog on floor

By Jenn Blossom

Close-up of dog sleeping on bed

By Ira Sarita

By Patrick Kidney

Funny french bulldog getting haircut

By Juanmoley

Girl playing with dog on field

By debo_l


By James Ronan

By Klaudie Moravcova

By Yana P Bardachenko

High angle view of pug resting on bed

By julia

By AnG3la

Close-up portrait of black dog on field

By michelle

By Jo Cattan

By Sruff

Low angle view of golden retriever against clear sky

By Valentina Matelli

Border collie sticking out tongue on field

By Richard Moon


By Sven Hartmann

Low angle view of siberian husky on hill by tree

By Katie Jordan

Congrats everyone! Thanks for taking part. For more ways to get featured, published, exhibited or win great prizes check out the Missions tab in the app.

Header Image by Juanmoley