Spotlight On: Carmen Rodríguez

By Phoebe Barrett - 2 min read

Our new Spotlight On series aims to shine a light on talented emerging photographers. Today, we get to know photographer and graphic design student Carmen Rodríguez.

Carmen hopes to spark conversations through her imagery, questioning societal norms and definitions of beauty and seeking to explore beauty outside of this narrow view. Using photography as a way of facing inner conflicts about her own self-image, you can see both her dreams and hopes, as well as her fears and anxieties within her work.

“I love art in all forms, I feel more connected to photography… With it I realised that anything can be beautiful.”

vehicle interior
Naked Woman Smoking Cigarette Against Wall
Rear View Of Shirtless Men Standing Against Trees
Rear View Of Woman Lying In Bed
Midsection Of Sensuous Woman In Hot Pants Standing By Flowers
Close-Up Of Man Eye
human body part
Close-Up Of Woman Smoking Cigarette
Young Woman With Arms Raised Standing At Beach Against Sky
cloud - sky
Beautiful Young Woman Covering Eyes

This post was created as part of our ongoing Spotlight On series. To see more of Carmen’s beautiful photography follow her on EyeEm.