Space and Place: Architectural Encounters in Photos

By Brada - 4 min read

An image collection inspired by the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale

Inspired by this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale, this selection of images focuses on that which is found along the way. There is something profound in the places and spaces discovered as you pass from one destination to another. In these photos, let us observe the beauty of details inherent in the act of movement.

Whether you’re a creative yourself, a photographer or an architect, or an editor or brand looking for images to illustrate your project, find inspiration and images to license in the collection below and in our curated Architecture Collection on EyeEm Market.

By Alexander Kleis

By Simao Pedro

By Michael Schauer

By Rahim Isam

By My Journey in India: Little moments of a great Nation

By Tamas Horvath

By Nikos Konidaris

By Benedicta Ric

By b r o o nyc o

By Lucas Hasselmann

By MatthiasFalcoWalther

By Kiyoshilam

By Dmitry Konkin

By Dina Alfasi

By Hyun Woo Jung

By Natalie

By Martin John Raub

By marge


By Michelle Reynolds

By Novitho Dengi

By Luca Tommasi

By Andrew Barnhart

By Sari

By Benjamin Lee

Header image by @benedicta