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Simplicity In Photography: The Ultimate Sophistication

By EyeEm Team - 3 min read

Check out these beautiful highlights from the recent “Smart Simplicity” mission.

Simplicity is the glory of expression.

Walt Whitman

It was Leonardo Da Vinci who once said that simplicity was the ultimate sophistication. In fewer places is this seen as clearly as in photography. Our recent mission, Smart Simplicity, was all about capturing minimalism in a photograph – focusing on clean aesthetics, strong lines, bold colors and simple design.

The results were amazing, and we’re delighted to announce that the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) chose to license and buy images from Snev Rotbok, Aiye, 小熊 丘 and Curmichfar to use on their new website. Well done! Be sure to keep scrolling to check out the full image collection below – if you’re a fan of minimalism in photography, this will be just your cup of tea.



By Snev Rotbok

Sunlight on wall at home

By Aiye


By 小熊 丘


By Curmichfar

Image Collection


By Tara

Close-up of bedding at home

By AiR


By Valerio Gualandi

By Luis Sarmiento


By Ana


By a f u


By Snev Rotbok

Close-up of multi colored walls

By Sotozaki Kenichi

copy space

By Herr Felix


By W.S.E

low angle view

By Lydia Lin



Shadow of railing in balcony

By Abaseen Afghan


By Alessia Fiori


By Johnrick Cortez

White strips in pattern

By The Missing Colors

built structure

By Wen LIU

Corner of building against sky

By laybackandshootstars

full frame

By николай

By pistol

Amazing work, everyone. Check out the Smart Simplicity album to see the full extent of the fantastic submissions you uploaded to this mission. Remember, your photos can win in missions, but also be a part of Market. Find out more for your chance to earn with your photography.

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Header Image by Curmichfar

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