Shoot the Sounds!

By Severin - 2 min read

Shoot the Sounds is a little project about visualizing music with photos. Three Soundclouders selected three tracks. They provide the music, we shoot the sound.


Akbar on EyeEm

Hello friends,

when we launched Photos & Sound as a feature on our blog it was our goal to combine vision and sound in new and refreshing ways.That’s why we are more than excited to present you a little project with some sounds from the SoundCloudcommunity, an awesome community for sharing and recording sounds:

Shoot the Sounds

There are three tracks that three SoundClouders offered to be visualized by us: Ben Careyfrom Sydney, George.from Paris and Silvertin from Leeds are providing one track each. All of the three have been awardedwith the prestigious “Soundclouder of the Day” award andcan’t wait to seehow we shoot photos around their music!

Your mission: get inspired by one of the 3 tracks and shoot one or more photos to it. Series of photos are welcome but single shots are great, too.

How to participate: tag each photo with Photos & Sound and add it to the album. Tell us which track (1,2 or 3) you were shooting for by commenting in the comments box of each photo.

Deadline: You have 1 week time to shoot.All photos should be in the album by next Monday, February 20.

The most creative, compelling and hands down breathtaking series will be featured on our blog next week!

Here are the 3 tracks:

Any questions? Let’s shoot some sound!

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