Sell More Photos with This New Market Trend

By EyeEm Team - 1 min read

Want to get noticed by buyers? Try starry skies, bokeh and nighttime lights.

We’re always on the lookout for trends on EyeEm Market – insights to better your chances of selling photos to editors and brands. Every time you add a photo to the Market, chances are you’re asking yourself “What kind of images are buyers actually looking for?”

This week our photo editor Lucy threw on her lab coat and studied recent photos that sold, and she found a fascinating trend: nighttime lights. Buyers are snatching up photos that feature twinkling, dazzling, and streaming lights. So the next time you have a photo that fits, add the tags below to help buyers discover it.

Light & Shadow

People rehearsing on illuminated stage

By Ole Spata


Blurred colored lights

By Jongcheol Park

Golden hour

People riding horses

By Lorenzo Viola

Starry sky

View of starry sky

By Lichtathleten


Illuminated wire wool at night

By Lance

Night lights

Defocused image of christmas lights in city

By julia nestler

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Header image by @taongbundok