Original Experiences: From the Trip-of-a-Lifetime to Your First Photo Shoot

By Cherrie - 7 min read

See the star photographers in our Mission with Design Hotels™

Ever dreamed of getting booked for your first professional photo shoot with a global hotel chain? That was the prize in the Original Experiences Mission we ran with Design Hotels™. With a 3-night stay in Athens and 2 nights in Madrid for the runners-up, it’s no wonder the quality of photos entered was so high!

Celebrating memorable trips and special adventures was the aim of the game. We wanted to see the experiences that have stayed with you, long after you returned home. Congratulations to star of the show @prankaite and runners-up @pinkstonowa and @namari – you guys killed it!

See their star shots, along with a handful of other favorites:

Directly above shot of man sleeping in boat

1ST PLACE: Justina Prankaite


2ND PLACE: kinga pinkstonowa in Tenerife

Man surfing in the sea

3RD PLACE: namari in California

Sensuous woman standing by pier at seaside

By Andry Gunawan in Haymarket, Australia

Lookout tower at snowcapped mountain against sky during sunrise

By fotomatico in Winterberg, Germany

People snowboarding on snowcapped mountain against helicopter flying in sky

By Alexander Kirch

two people

By Keiko Tanaka

Rear view of woman photographing with mobile phone

By yinyin in Barcelona

Rear view of pilot flying airplane

By Nathan Goldenzweig in Rosario, Argentina

Close-up of ladybug on hand

By Marco D’Emilia in Richmond, United Kingdom


By tc in Pollock Pines, United States


By Cristian Wahlén 📷📸💥

Rear view of man in illuminated city at night

By Koukichi Takahashi in Tokyo, Japan

People on field during snowfall against sky

By Ignatius Tan in Vatnajökull, Iceland

Scenic view of mountains

By Thomas Czogalla fka Thebluebaron in Bavaria, Germany

Silhouette of person on beach against cloudy sky at sunset

By M Natan in İstanbul, TURKEY


By Keiko Tanaka


By Salamontess in Meadview, United States


By Alexandra Liliac

Rear view of woman sitting on rock against calm moraine lake at banff national park

By Rachel del Rosario in Banff, Canada


By MohdBharuddinNaitas


By Rosley in Vietnam

extreme sports

By Ronny Enzenberg

By Viet Nguyen Duc


By Lígia Brito at Cenote Ik Kil in Chichén-Itzá, Mexico

Portrait of girl enjoying ride on shoulder from father in field

By JAYMOTION in Spechbach, Germany


By Tijana K.

Cropped hand of person holding teddy bear over mountains at yosemite national park

By Mauricio Thomsen at Yosemite National Park

Close-up of woman holding flower

By Audrey Kwok

Woman swimming in sea

By Simona Varnalieva in Kefalonia, Greece

Silhouette people standing at beach against clear sky during sunset

By Abhijit at Whisky Bay

Woman blowing bubbles from wand

By Cristian Bortes in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

About Design Hotels™: Design Hotels™represents and markets a curated selection of over 300 independent hotels in over 50 countries across the globe.

More than a collection of hotels, the company is a collection of stories. Each property reflects the ideas of a visionary hotelier, an “Original,” someone with a passion for genuine hospitality, cultural authenticity, thought- provoking design and architecture. Each “Original” stands for the individual, aesthetic and service-driven experience that his or her hotel provides.

Founded by Claus Sendlinger in 1993, Design Hotels™ offers its members insightful travel industry knowledge, from market trend consultancy to international sales representation. The company has its headquarters in Berlin and branches in London, Barcelona, New York and Singapore.

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Header image by @pinkstonowa.

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