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Organized Chaos: 20 Images of Things Organized Neatly

By EyeEm Team - 3 min read

Enjoy the highlights from this super fun mission

Things Organized Neatly… isn’t there just something fantastic about this style of photo? Seeing things organized, lined up and photographed beautifully makes for incredibly appealing photographs.

Not only appealing, these photos are easy to set up with even the simplest of everyday objects and items. The incredible variety of the images submitted meant that compiling this image collection was an utter delight. Enjoy!

By José Pablo Criales

Directly below shot of geometry tools with paper on wooden table

By Tábata

By Alborz

By Jiannis Koudounas

High angle view of envelop with ink well and pen

By Yelitza

By Foresty

High angle view of messy table

By Erik

Close-up of preparation of eggs

By Robert Simmert

By Sittig

By Paweł Magnus

By Vilma Muños

Directly above shot of ingredients for making pancake

By Snev Rotbok

Cropped image of baby with accessories on bed

By antonella


By s’Ha


By oldgreen

High angle view of scissors with threads

By bev


By Aadi

Close-up overhead view of cut vegetables on chopping board

By Sinan Sağlam

Directly above shot of eyeglasses with coins on table

By Farhan Hussain

By Ewa Umorusana

An enormous well done and thank you to everyone who took part. If you fancy trying your hand at a “Things Organized Neatly” shot, please feel free to continue to use this album tag. Also, check out the Missions tab in the app if you want to contribute to another mission – there’s always a challenge and a prize to be won!

Love this? Want to suggest an image collection of something you love to photograph? Get in touch and tell us through Facebook or Twitter – we love to hear your feedback!

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Header Image by @eyecircus