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#NotYourCliche Spooky Halloween Pictures

By EyeEm Team - 3 min read

We're looking for new perspectives on the cliché Halloween visuals that flood our feeds at this time of year. Take a look at our editor Loren's visual curation which will inspire you to go out and shoot the 'unexpected' this scary season.

Halloween is nothing new - we’ve all seen the ‘Happy Halloween‘ images of people dressed in Instagram’s next trending costume idea, cult-classic movies reworked, and endless visuals of pumpkins filled with candy.

Our editor Loren has curated this unique collection to show a darker side to visual storytelling. We continue to see a push towards subtle visual trends. Brands and publications are no longer searching for the expected, ‘in your face’ seasonal images that’ll get washed up in the rapid flow of content production.

This visual curation shows us more about how to take ‘scary’ and ‘spooky’ images to the next level - raw, real, and pointing towards something strange. We hope this inspires you to go out and capture your own halloween stories - minus the clichés!

Think back to our 2019 Visual Trend ‘Visual Decedance’ and use shadows or rich color palettes to emphasize dramatic storytelling or unexpected elements. Capture portraits with a hint towards dystopia, eerie landscapes, and abstract connections.

Already feeling inspired? We have three different Missions for you to be a part of; Spooky Stillness, Inspired by Stranger Things, and Halloween Colors Reworked. The winning images will be featured in our next Discover Feed curations, on EyeEm Magazine, and our social channels!

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