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#NotYourCliche Photos Showing the Beauty of Real Skin

By Marili Persson - 2 min read

A photograph should have the ability to communicate a sense of humanity. Here we bring you real visual representation of skin to embrace different skin tones, scars and imperfections.

Race, ethnicity, and skin color have been dividing factors among humankind for centuries. Photography can be a useful tool to capture the fact that the world is far more diverse than simply black and white. With more people becoming comfortable in their own skin, and more brands embracing this diversity in their advertising — we are able to expand our otherwise narrow definition of what beautiful skin is. By embracing our true and natural selves both online and in real life, we can all celebrate what it means to be human in all of its diversity.

These photos capture the full rainbow of humanity and celebrate the obstacles, battles and achievements that come as part and parcel of each individual’s journey. From different skin tones and tattoos, to scars and imperfections, this photo collection explores what make people unique.

Midsection Of Woman With Person
Low Section Of Woman Sitting On Sofa At Home
curly hair
Cropped Image Of Human Skin
Close-Up Of Senior Man Lying Down Outdoors During Sunny Day
Portrait Of Shirtless Young Man Standing Against Window
Cropped Image Of Man Cleaning Wounds On Knee
Side View Of Shirtless Young Woman Standing Against Wall
Cropped Hand Of Woman Amidst Sweet Food Seen Through Plastic
Close-Up Portrait Of Woman With Thumbtacks On Face
Rear View Of Woman
Father With Newborn Baby
High Angle View Of Man With Eyes Closed
one person

As part of our This Is… Mission series, we’re on a quest to celebrate and explore what it means to be human – in all of its uniqueness and diversity. These images are the winners of our ‘This is My Skin’ Mission. Discover all our Missions here. #NotYourCliche.