How We’re Showcasing Your Work at the EyeEm Studio

By Maya - 4 min read

A fresh set of your photos, exhibited.

At the EyeEm Studio, we have a rotating exhibition of photos from the community: It’s called the ‘New Talents Gallery’ and brings together the work of EyeEm photographers that usually haven’t been exhibited elsewhere.

For this month’s collection, I let myself be inspired by the mellow mood of the ending summer—that’s why the 12 photos we’re showing are dominated by creamy color shades, soft or mellow lighting, and themes like friendship and going home. I hope you enjoy it!

By Joshua K. Jackson

Midsection of friends sitting on fabric

By Viv LaVive

real people

By Kiku Niuya

High angle view of two lane road in desert

By Jojo Schwaerzler

looking at camera

By IcJack

cold temperature

By Rivka Spizzichino

wireless technology

By Eul Sun Jung

full length

By Isnkc

real people

By Brianna Baggett

human body part

By Nehir Onay

By Mark Rammers

two people

By 吴京凡

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Want to visit us and check out the exhibition yourself? Just tweet us and we’ll be happy to show you around. Our doors are always open.

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