New Photo Mission: The Secret Spaces

By Jenna Black - 6 min read

Enter for a chance to get featured on The Spaces!

Mission: In our new Mission with The Spaces, we want to see your favorite secret spaces. Show us unique hidden places, or everyday spaces from new perspectives.

The Spaces is a digital publication exploring new ways to live and work. From residential buildings to public domains, co-working clubs to hotels and retail hot spots, we will look at the spaces that are pushing boundaries and meet the people who are changing how we live. Exploring the rich urban fabric of cities across the world, we inform and spark new conversations about design and property, while inspiring people to look at their environments differently.

Prize: The winners will be featured in a gallery on The Spaces, The Spaces Instagram account and the EyeEm blog!

Deadline: April 23, 2017

How To Take Part: Photos tagged with The Secret Spaces will automatically be entered to the Mission. Include the tag as you submit a photo or add it to one you’ve already uploaded – just select Edit Photo then add the tag “The Secret Spaces”.

Visual Inspiration:

Illuminated corridor in building

By Chris Drazah

Piano on stage in abandoned theater

By Daniel

Man jumping in abandoned theater

By J.mos

Directly below shot of silhouette airplane seen through building

By Peter Janelle


By Linas Vaitonis

rear view

By Jay Ybarra

Rear view of a young man in autumn tree

By FrthChptr

Man jumping in front of old industrial building

By Jonas Hafner

real people

By Svante Berg

real people

By kody

Diminishing perspective of bridge

By Hung Lung

full length

By André Dogbey

Woman standing on built structure against sky

By alpha.evil


By Satoshi

Silhouette man in illuminated wrecked airplane against sky at night

By Benjamin van der Spek

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Header imageBy alpha.evil

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