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New Photo Mission: Maximum Closeness

By Maddie - 2 min read

Win a lens for your smartphone in our new mission with Black Eye Lens!

Mission: Get closer! In this Mission with Black Eye Lens, we’re looking for pictures that reveal unseen details: With your camera, explore the little worlds that emerge from up close. Take close-up photos of your surroundings and focus on patterns, symmetries, and surprising perspectives – all that usually escapes us because we’re too far away.

Prize: Win your very own Black Eye Pro Kit, which includes 1 full frame fish eye lens, 1 HD macro lens, 1 Tele 3X lens, 2 universal clipper attachments, cleaning cloth, lens cap and travel bag! Basically everything you need to take great photos with any mobile device. As a runner-up you’ll get featured in an image collection on the EyeEm Blog.

Deadline: November 7, 2016

How To Take Part: Add the tag Maximum Closeness to a new photo or go back and add it to one you’ve uploaded before.

By Api R’ rom

By Paul

By tomaz majeric

By menboong

By UniquePhotoArts

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About Black Eye Lens: Black Eye was founded by three friends who shared a passion for Boardsports and photography. They wanted to make photography and filming with their smartphones easier for everyone. The first Black Eye Lens “The Original” was introduced in 2013. Since then our goal has been to develop the best smart device Lenses and Photography accessories on the planet. Simple, Top Quality, Universal for all.

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Header image by @mmajo