New Mission: Visual Statements. What are the messages that stick with you?

By Stephanie - 3 min read

Have you ever walked by a wall with a message that you kept thinking about a couple days later? Submit it to our mission and win a t-shirt from VISUAL STATEMENTS.

Close-up of text on wall

visual statements by Gen Sadakane on EyeEm

We’re collaborating with VISUAL STATEMENTS to find images with powerful messages that stick with you. Have you ever walked by a wall with a message that you kept thinking about a couple days later? Add it to our mission and win a t-shirt by VISUAL STATEMENTS.

Your mission:

Take photos of messages that strike a chord with you and add it to the Visual statements album. It can be anything from street art and street signs to tiny typography and huge billboards. Capturing a strong statement is the only thing that matters.

Your reward:

The 5 best images will win the new VISUAL STATEMENTS shirtsand on top of that, the top 25 photos, selected by the VISUAL STATEMENTS jury, will be featured on the VISUAL STATEMENTS page and EyeEm blog!


It all started with a little Facebook page back in 2011 where the VISUAL STATEMENTS crew posted memorable images and aphorisms, little nuggets of everyday wisdom that struck a chord with them. Today, more than 20 million people visit their blog every week to find the best & most inspiring VISUAL STATEMENTS in this lovely world.

Deadline: Wednesday, February 13, 2014

How to take part:

All you need to do is take a photo and tag it with Visual Statements Your photo will then be automatically added to the missions album.

If you want to add a photo you’ve already uploaded, you can do so via the “Edit Photo” menu. Just go to your profile, view the photo and select “Edit Photo”. From there you can add the tag “Visual Statements”.

Download EyeEm to take part:


streetphotography by Matias Castello on EyeEm

Fancy bowling on the road bowling Nashville by Jen Pollack Bianco on EyeEm

this is something. this is nothing. AMPt_community NEM submissions WeAreJuxt.com by Todd on EyeEm

Man walking under bridge

Barking Crab vscocam streetphotography by Anthony Tulliani on EyeEm

Seek! urban aesthetics Night Lights by mono on EyeEm