My Favorite Photo: 8 Photographers Share Theirs

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What are the photos that you love the most – and why?

Every photographer has a favorite photo that they’ve taken. And it often isn’t the one that got the most likes or was picked for an image collection! It may be the one you went to great lengths to take, the one you’re hugely proud of or the one with the story behind it.

That’s why we asked you to scroll back through your EyeEm profile for our My Favorite Photo Mission with The Phoblographer! Not only did we want you to enter the photo that brings the good memories flooding back, but we wanted the story behind it – the reason you love it so much.

Congratulations to Luis whose dreamy shot below was picked as the winner. He will soon be interviewed by The Phoblographer – so keep your eyes peeled!

Guadalquivir River, Seville, Spain: By

Luis Enero

Luis: “I chose this photo because I like the atmosphere – the pale green color, and the contrast between the two athletes and the Guadalquivir river in Seville, Spain. Canoeing is a fascinating sport in which the entire body gets an intense and complete work. Feeling the canoe glide smooth and fast on the water’s surface, the feeling of freedom when navigating in nature… Nobody bothers you when you’re paddling.”



yentil: “This is a photo of my dear sister. We were shooting for her CD cover (she’s a singer songwriter) and this photo was actually an accident. We were taking serious photos but out of the blue she started to laugh. I like that her laugh is so real. In my opinion, that is the most beautiful thing there is.”



Calli: “This photo is different to many of the others that I have taken – and different to many of the ones you find on various social media platforms. I decided to mess around with lights one day. When going through and editing I accidentally clicked a button which caused the photo to turn out the way it did.”

Beaumaris Bay, Melbourne, Australia: By

Jamie Yan

Jamie: “This was a fun night out with my friends. We were trying to write our names in long exposure. We failed – it didn’t turn out the way that we wanted. So we decided to do some crazy random drawing with sparks. When I saw the picture I thought, wow, this is new and different. We need to let go of our plans sometime. You never know what is going to turn up – there is always something exciting waiting for you!”



zoe: “In fact, this is a failure. I intended to do a double color chiffon roll, then the roll failed. I had a new idea, I cut the cake into cubes, added cream and lemon peel. It looks like perfect baking work! Sometimes failure is not really failure. By the way, it is very delicious!”

Goa, India: By

Mayank Gautam

Mayank: “Street photography should mostly be discreet but I only have a big DSLR with a zoom lens. This gentleman was aware that I was clicking inside the bus and he doesn’t look very pleased about it. And so began a game of catching and deceiving – I would pretend to click something else and then click him. It is one of those incidents when I overcame my fear of street photography and went ahead for the picture.”


Pang Shengyong

Pang: “I like the composition of this picture. A few of the steel pipes split the space into several different parts so it looks rhythmic. Workers was building a simple roof on my relatives’ house. I waited for the moment that he looked at me and pressed the shutter. I like street photography but I don’t always take my DSLR. A lot of pictures are taken with my mobile phone.”


Walter Kuechel

Walter: “I took this photograph on a night I went out with some friends to take urban photography. This was the first place we visited and in the editing I tried to make it surreal. I picked it because it’s a new perspective of Mexico. I call it post-urbanism and it’s an ongoing project of mine.”

Thanks for sharing guys! And congratulations to all of the winners and runners-up in this Mission. Check out all the entrants in the My Favorite Photo album.

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