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Minimal Wellness: A Closer Look at a Defining Photo Trend of 2016

By Lars - 4 min read

See our picks of this defining visual trend of 2016.

What makes a picture beautiful? The answer usually depends on what kind of photography is popular at the moment. Each year sees the invention of new techniques, styles, and aesthetics – and together they affect our taste and perception.

At EyeEm, we keep close tabs on what community members share with each other. This allows us to spot new photography trends as they bubble to the surface. We have summarized the most popular new aesthetics in our current Visual Trends report that you can download for free.

This is an in-depth look at the “Minimal Wellness” trend, including lots of sample images to inspire your campaigns – or to license directly.

These pictures blend a societal and a cultural trend: Taking care of one’s body and creating images that are reduced to their essence. Minimal wellness shots capture people doing sports or relaxing before a simple, lightly-colored backdrop.

Low section of woman standing against bottle on table

By Danielle Reid

Cropped hand holding blueberries

By Lore Bammens

Close-up of hand holding strawberry over black background

By Alexander Haase

Directly above shot of cropped hand holding milk glass

By Lynette

Cropped hand holding bowl of strawberries and grapes over table

By Lynette

Idyllic view of sea against cloudy sky

By Cae Lundell

Cropped image of person holding raspberries

By Sonia

It’s an aesthetic that draws the viewer’s eye to the people in the photo, while the color scheme conveys a sense of mindfulness and tranquility.

Low section of man standing by tennis racket on clay court

By illmedia

Low section of woman

By urban poetry

Low section of shirtless man jogging on track

By YuKi C


By Rita

High angle view of tennis net at court

By Dasha.

These photos are great for advertisement: They’re easily understandable and relatable while leaving enough room for graphical elements. These photos are also bold enough to stand out from the clutter that so often dominates sport or wellness visuals.

Full length of a young woman standing on landscape

By Kai Mitt

Young woman relaxing with arms outstretched at beach

By Tomáš Vohryzka

By ZuckerJagdwurst

Midsection of woman holding drink

By Kai Mitt

Header image by @silverclouds.