Martina Matencio Shares Her Stunning and Intimate Portrait Portfolio

By Ellen Clipson - 3 min read

Take a closer look at professional photographer, Martina Matencio's, portfolio of delicate, yet striking, photos.

Born in Vilanova i la Geltrú, a seaside town close to Barcelona, Spain, Martina Matencio has curated a stunning, and powerful, portfolio of emotive portraits.

As an artist she is inspired by her daily life, capturing the people and places that impact her everyday. Whilst she values the intricate beauty of the familiar, Martina continues to chase after new faces, and new challenges.

She continues to work for brands across the globe in fashion, music and lifestyle, whilst also publishing Tus ojos, mis manos(Stendhal Books, 2017), a book that combines her iconic photography with actress and writer Alba Ribas’ poetry.

“I want to create a warm and a special atmosphere, a scene that shows the core of the person, the light and the space.”

“I never use flash, I prefer to use the natural light -the rays of sunlight- making the scene more mysterious and natural at the same time.”

“All my pictures have a nostalgic side, not sad, but vulnerable or even delicate and with a weak touch of mystery.”

Take a look at Martina’s Instagram profile to see more of her outstanding visuals.

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