Magnum Photos Shares The Art of Street Photography

By EyeEm Team - 5 min read

To celebrate the recent launch of the first education series from Magnum Learn – the Art of Street Photography – we joined forces with Magnum Photos for our new Mission. Here is your guide to the unique learning platform that will change the way you see Street Photography.

The world-class creative collective, Magnum Photos, has been nurturing and empowering the unique individuals shaping the photography industry since 1947. Today, we are excited to partner with Magnum to celebrate the launch of their debut online course - The Art of Street Photography.

The Art of Street Photography is centered around equipping a global community of photographers to take ordinary, everyday moments and make them extraordinary. We are giving you the chance to win full access to the course with our new photo Mission.

Your Chance to Sharpen Your Professional Photography Skills with Magnum Learn


About The Art of Street Photography:

The Art of Street Photography features 10 insightful video lessons from Magnum’s experts and features seven leading photographers shooting on streets around the globe.

The masterly course includes, in-depth interviews and behind the scenes footage following the work of Bruce Gilden, Martin Parr, Susan Meiselas, Richard Kalvar, Caryolyn Drake, Peter van Agtmael and Mark Power, covering the full process of taking visuals from the street to success.

“The core message really is about hard work, persistence and patience with your practice” says Michael Sargeant, Magnum’s Online Education Manager. “Whether you’re experienced or not, the course lets you know that you’re not alone in the photography world – that everyone faces struggles, and everyone has the joys.”

Low section of man with dog standing on road

“We want people re-thinking how they can tackle the street in their own way.”

The Magnum Learn platform has been designed to bring together Magnum’s five million followers no matter where they may be located, or what their journey with photography might look like. Global Education Director, Shannon Ghannam shares what the course means to her:

“I remember, being a young photography student in Australia and feeling isolated as I didn’t have access to the kind of educational opportunities that somebody in New York or London may have had. The beauty of this course, is that you can access some of the best insights in the business whilst sitting in your own home, whether you are just starting out or you’re a professional that is looking for some inspiration.”

“Our live workshops are fantastic for a personalised approach but our online course condenses hours of interviews and time on the street. It has been developed by the education team at Magnum who have committed many years to working with young photographers to understand all of the various questions that they have. We approached the Art of Street Photography curriculum with this audience and their challenges in mind.”

“There are so many beautiful outcomes of photography – creativity, well being, connection, or using it as a tool to engage an audience in something. We worked hard to make sure that the course was relevant to the broadest possible audience by working with a diverse group of experts. With each Magnum photographer sharing different approaches, we were able to capture new thoughts, practices, and techniques.”

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Magnum Learn is Designed for Everyone

“Every photographer’s vision is different,” Michael says, and so the course covers a number of creative perspectives, breaking through the stereotypical concepts of ‘street photography’. Michael uses the example of Mark Power. “Power isn’t typically associated as a street photographer. He approaches the urban environment with large format camera, he sets up and waits, almost motionless in the space until he finds the image. We want people re-thinking how they can tackle the street in their own way.”

“whether that is the subject matter, the approach, or a feeling. Ultimately I want to see you in the work.”

Your Access to The Art of Street Photography

Our new Mission – The Art of Street Photography is about photography that pushes the limits of the frame and can take the sublime to the surprising. We want to see the compelling stories you find on the street, amongst the hustle and bustle of the city sidewalks, or the quiet side streets only a few know about.

As judge of the Mission, Shannon is looking for visuals that will not only catch her eye, but also cause her to linger on a photo. Shannon shares, “it can be a challenge to differentiate your work, particularly when there is so much great street photography out there. So, how do you stand out? I will be looking for something that feels like I haven’t seen it before, whether that is the subject matter, the approach, or a feeling. Ultimately I want to see you in the work, I want to see an image that only you could take. It is our hope that the course offers essential advice on how to do just that.”

You can submit your photo here for your chance to win full access to The Art of Street Photography course worth $99!


Take a closer look at the Art of Street Photography from Magnum Learn here, and get inspired to start shooting the street differently.