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Human vs. Machine: The first magazine curated using artificial intelligence.

We’re thrilled to bring you Machina,our fourthcollection of real photography. Curated entirely using EyeEm Vision, Machina exploreshow artificial intelligence, machine learning, and our patented technology will impact the art and discovery of photography. These thoughts are examinedfrom different points-of-view, unpacking this new techand putting it to the test with 18 million photographers. The work of creatives, editors, and scientists alike is about to change. Welcome to the world’s first magazine curated by a machine.

Vol IV: Machina

Stay tuned: In the coming months, we’ll take a closer look here on the Blog at the talentsand stories behind the photos in thisissuethrough our special Vol. IVDigital Supplement.

A LookInside: Human vs. Machine

Putting machines against humans, Machinacontains visual stories created by 77 photographers – our biggest volume ever! But the one thing machines don’t have is a human’sability to imagine. And that’s what we set out to explore here. In it,we imagine how technology might impact the future of curation and photo editing. We’ve spent over three years building an impressive research branch at EyeEm, working to improve the photographer’s overall experience from click to edit to share. What we offer you in these pages is an exploration of the ideas driving our vision, machine learning, and how all of this technology might soon change the work of photographers, media, and scientists – plus the experience of consumers of photographythemselves.

Beauty & The Algorithm

First, find out how we trained machines to find beautiful photos. Appu, our Head of R&D, offers an expanded look into what qualifies our aesthetic and how his childhood idea turned into a technological powerhouse.

Recoding the Visual Mind

On page 15, go deeper into deep learningto discover the fascinating world of personal aesthetics. In this feature, we explore how computers can learn your personal taste and surface photos that you might actually like. This can also be applied to virtually any human or brand in the world. Imagine what images curated by “the Canon look” mightcompare to those curated by Leica. Or Kayne West vs. Lady GaGa. To illustrate this task, we used our own EyeEm curators and asked the machine to learn their taste and curate a selection of The Week on EyeEm images. The results are fascinating.

The Second Renaissance Is Here

On page 27, theBoston Consulting Group’s Massimo Portincasolooks at the coming of the “Second Renaissance,” where the chisels and paint brushes of the old world are being replaced by artificial intelligence and algorithmsof the future. He offers a perspective of how brands will adapt to soonfind and buy your photos in new ways.

Me Against The Machine

In “Me Against The Machine,” on page 57, we asked five photographers to pick their favorite photo from their profile. What they didn’t know is that we asked our machines to do the same thing. Wait until you see what happened next.

Future Photos

Thinking about a new camera? Look no further. In “Future Photos,” on page 80, we look at four new devices breaking the mould of what it means to be a modern photographer. You better start saving right now.


In another fun experiment, on page 110, wemanaged to train our algorithm to useour aesthetic touncover one of the most visually exciting new photographers to join EyeEm in 2016 – so far. Meet Lucy Ridgard and discover her calm, composed portraits of youth.

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