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The Only Way Is Up: 20 Images Looking To The Heavens

By EyeEm Team - 3 min read

Tear yourself away from your screens to check out the world around you

The idea behind our recent Look Up and Thrive photo mission with The Huffington Post was to encourage some time away from our lives of screens, social media and smartphones and to reconnect with our sense of wonder at the world around us.

We asked you to look up at the skyline above you and capture what was there. Whether an urban landscape, a country sunset or a nautical horizon, this was your chance to capture it and join in the fun. The range of submissions covered all these scenes and more – well done to everyone who took part! Check out some of the highlights below.

By RosaBai

By Wahida Zainol Rashid

Tent on building terrace against clear sky

By AiR

By Matt Lief Anderson

By peggy

By 宋岩岩

By 杨一年

Cropped hands of friends holding illuminated paper lantern at night

By boctee

By Kurt

By Osama Nasr

Close-up of sunflowers

By Char Tolman

By candace


By James Hsieh

By まるる

By Isma Monfort


By Takaya wafa

By YuiMarl

By Sara


By Guillegvc

Well done to everyone who took part – a really great mission! Check out the Look Up and Thrive on EyeEm to see the full collection. If you’d like to take part in a mission, simply check out the missions tab in the app.

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Header Image by @veralike