Light and Reflection: Your Best Shots From Lesson 5 of the School of Photography

By xavier - 4 min read

You showed us how to really light up a picture.

From October to December, we’re bringing you a new lesson of the EyeEm School of Photography every week. In Lesson Five we showed you how to use natural reflectors to improve the lighting of your pictures.

We then sent you on a fitting Mission to try out what you have learned – and you submitted your photos to Light and Reflection. Here we’re featuring some of the photos we liked best!

Thanks to everyone for taking part and congratulations if your photo was selected! We’ll have a new Lesson up for you later today.

By Marchiș Teodora

By Cristian Rojas

By Luke Chan

By Wanwisa Jantida

By Dario Spada

By Andrew Smith

By Crystal Zhang

By Chong Yoke Ming

By Îbaadöf Naqvî

By Claudia Prontera

By Kate Stephenson

By Alex Arciszewski

By Talia Ali

By Ro Cárdenas Natera

By Glomark Pahignalo

By Anna

By Justina Prankaite

By Ziaul Haque Oisharjh

By nielle norton buswell

By Adam Vradenburg

Header image by @prankaite.

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