Possibly the World’s Most Photogenic Travel Destinations

By EyeEm Team - 5 min read

This is how the winners of our Mission with Kayak see the world.

In Neighborhood Map, a Mission we recently hosted with Kayak, we asked you to shoot the world’s prettiest travel destinations. It’s a controversial task, for sure: We can barely agree on the best country to visit, let alone a specific destination.

Here’s a selection of 11 different places—consider them friendly travel advice from the EyeEm community.

Congratulations to everyone who was featured!


Beijing, China. By Tangraphy

Venice, Italy. By stuky1989

Marinhas, Portugal. By Michael Moeller

Guatemala City, Guatemala. By René

Barcelona, Spain. By David Bonilla Rodriguez

Venice, Italy. By Loeber-Bottero

Iceland. By Alexandra Semyonova

Granada, Spain. By Paulo Sousa

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. By Fabian Schmiedlechner

Casablanca, Morocco. By Anass Bachar

Rome, Italy. By Per Engström

Lisbon, Portugal. By Olli Lämmi

Header image by Fabian Schmiedlecher.

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