It’s your chance to shoot, share, learn. Join an EyeEm Global Meetup near you.

By EyeEm Team - 4 min read

A couple of weeks ago, we announced the very first global EyeEm Masterclass Meetup. The response was phenomenal, from all across the globe. We’ve listed the first batch of meetups – find one near you to join in.

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A couple of weeks ago, we announced the very first global EyeEm Masterclass Meetup. The response was phenomenal. From every corner of the globe, you got in touch with us to nominate your home cities, towns and villages to take part.

We’re delighted by the response, and have decided to share with you the first set of confirmed meetups so you can find one near you and join in the fun.

No meetup near you? No worries! It isn’t too late to host one yourself!

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Take a look to find an EyeEm Global Meetup near you.

Paris, France
Groningen, Netherlands
Constanta, Romania (Meetup Link)
Glasgow, Scotland
London, England
Derby, England (Meetup Link)
Manchester, England (Meetup Link)
Moscow, Russia
Trieste, Italy
Genova, Italy (Meetup Link)
Florence, Italy (Meetup Link)
Torino, Italy (Meetup Link)
Berlin, Germany (At our very own office!)
Dresden, Germany
Heidelberg, Germany
Porto, Portugal
Barcelona, Spain (Meetup Link)
Lugo, Spain (Meetup Link)

New York, USA
San Francisco, USA
Del Rio, Texas, USA
Washington DC, USA
Denver, USA (Meetup Link)
Chicago, USA
Monterey, California, USA (Meetup Link)
Osage, Iowa, USA (Meetup Link)
Mesa, Arizona, USA
Charleston, South Carolina, USA (Meetup Link)
Montreal, Canada (Meetup Link)
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada (Meetup Link)
Mexico City, Mexico (Meetup Link)
Guadalajara, Mexico
Paseo Chapultepec Guadalajara, Mexico

Kolkata, India
Karmaihiya, Sarlahi, Nepal
Saigon, Vietnam (Meetup Link)
Singapore [Daytime Meetup] (Meetup Link)
Singapore [Nighttime Meetup]
Tokyo, Japan (Meetup Link)
Seoul, Korea
Natanya, Israel (Meetup Link)
Shanghai, China (Meetup Link)
Cagayan de Oro, Philippines (Meetup Link)
Manila, Philippines
Cebu City, Philippines
Quezon City, Philippines (Meetup Link)
Beirut, Lebanon (Meetup Link)

Hohenau, Paraguay

Is your town not listed? Why not host a global meetup yourself?

We can’t wait to see you there! Stay tuned for more updates!

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