Introducing an Interactive Experience on EyeEm Magazine

By EyeEm Team - 1 min read

You can now 'like' photos and 'follow' EyeEm users directly from any article in EyeEm Magazine.

Today we’re bringing you a more interactive way to experience EyeEm Magazine. You’ve always been able to follow stories, tutorials and tips from creators driving the visual movement forward. Now, you can like photos or follow EyeEm users directly from an article. You may also notice articles loading faster from the Discover feed in the EyeEm app.

This change also means anyone looking to license images can purchase the image directly from any post.

Here’s the experience on mobile.

And on desktop.

This feature is now available for EyeEm on both Android and iOS. So update your app now! If you’re a first time EyeEm user, download now and do more with your photography.

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