Introducing 3 New Filters for iOS & Android. Say Hi to Leonie, Eva, and Don!

By Severin - 8 min read

Today’s release of EyeEm 3.8.5 for Android and EyeEm 4.3.1 for iOS comes with 3 mind-blowing new filters and heaps of updates and bug fixes that improve your experience.

Want to see the gallery? Scroll down!

photos by @patrickgwalsh @jordanmiles @b612

Today’s release ofEyeEm 3.8.5 for Android and EyeEm 4.3.1 for iOS comes with 3 mind-blowing new filters and heaps of updates and bug fixes that improve your experience.

The updates are free and available via Google Playand the App Store.

Introducing Leonie, Eva, and Don!

We put a lot of love into creating 3 new filters for the community just in time for the holiday season. They are optimized for 3 modes of shooting:

• Leonie for natural light, providing a warm, film-like look
• Eva for portraits, getting skin colors just right
• Don for black & white shots, adding clear and natural tones

Use these new filters to be creative in any kind of setting. Check out the gallery at the end of this post to get inspired, and make sure to add your photos to Leonie filter, Eva filter, and Don filter when you try them out.

We can’t wait to see your shots!

Leonie filter EyeEm Best Shots streetphotography enjoying life by Alfons Teruel on EyeEm

Double tap to like photos, smaller text size & bug fixes on iOS

Our latest update for iOS also comes with new features and bug fixes. You can now double tap to like a photo directly in the photo grid, and the text for photo captions is now smaller, giving your photos more space. We received lots of feedback about the text, and are happy to say it’s now implemented in the app.

Full screen browsing on Android tablet

EyeEm 3.8.5 for Android introduces full-screen browsing for tablets. A known and loved feature on the iPad, you can now dive into your favorite albums and browse through the photos on full-screen – without any distractions.

In addition to that, we added a nifty little feature that makes it easier to loop in friends and followers into a conversation. Just tap “@” in the comments and a list of previous people who commented pops up. Just select one by one and then they will be notified about your comment.

Head straight toGoogle Playand the App Store to get your hands on our latest updates. Your feedback and ideas are very welcome, so please tell us in the comments how you like the new updates. Something not working? Write us directly


Your EyeEm Team

PS: Scroll down to see some amazing shots from our community taken with the new filters. Thank you everyone for testing and giving us feedback!

Photos shot with the Eva filter

Color Portrait eva filter guneydin by Severin on EyeEm

eva filter testingbyemilyonEyeEm

eva filter streetphotography Barcelona enjoying life by Alfons Teruel on EyeEm

Enjoying some tea with Nienör nested under my arm 🙂 been kindly asked by @severin to test the three new filters. eva filter by Iamthewoodendoors on EyeEm

Home – Winter 2013 – iPhone 4S. eva filter landscape iPhoneography shootermagbyG LuffonEyeEm

Morning sun car eva filter by Sinan Sağlam on EyeEm

Photos shot with the Don filter

Don filter by Tenebrogg on EyeEm

Don filter blackandwhite Music AMPt_community by RobinLDN on EyeEm

Don filter EyeEm Best Shots – Black + White blackandwhite portrait by Alfons Teruel on EyeEm

bride. Don filter by Chris Zielecki on EyeEm

Don filter monochrome EyeEm Best Edits light and shadow 新しいフィルターにトライしてみたけど、他のと紛らわしいね(^^;; by tsuneaki on EyeEm

Don filter by Josh White on EyeEm

Lower San Gabriel Mountains • California, USA. Don filter Nature landscape fltrlive by Patrick Walsh on EyeEm

Photos shot with the Leonie filter

Leonie filter by Tenebrogg on EyeEm

Leonie filter streetphotography AMPt_community shootermag by RobinLDN on EyeEm

Leonie filter by Eri Enomoto on EyeEm

Leonie filter enjoying life Taking Photos light and shadow by Koduckgirl on EyeEm

Leonie filter mountains good times by Iamthewoodendoors on EyeEm

on the road. Leonie filter by Chris Zielecki on EyeEm

♡ changing career is not an easy task, when you want to do something creative Leonie filter eye4photography Landscape_Collection nature_collection by Francine on EyeEm

Leonie filter Stand for Land Snowboarding Winter by Sinan Sağlam on EyeEm

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