Into the City: A Collection of Mesmerizing Cityscapes

By Brada - 7 min read

A look at cities, so close that you can absorb the atmosphere.

What do you think of when you hear the term “cityscape”? For some of us it evokes images of skyscrapers and deep alleys, for others it describes the texture of an urban environment. Cities are places of diversity, ideas, and different lives, all played out before a common backdrop.

Even if you live in a city, photos of cityscapes have something thrilling about them: A picture captures all the different layers of a city in one frame, a captivating mix of street signs and storefronts, pavements and people.

In this collection, we’re showing you a look at cityscapes through the lens of the EyeEm community. You’ll find cities from across the globe, the everyday view of life within it, and all the details that make each city unique. All of the photos in this collection are available on EyeEm Market, meaning that you can license them right away.

vehicle interior

By Cae Lundell


By Andrius Aleksandravičius


By Ricky Fabrizio

Bridge over river in city against clear sky

By Philipp Dase

Clothes hanging on clothesline outside building

By Michael Moeller

View of cathedral against clear sky

By Jose

Cheerful woman leaning against retaining wall in city

By Sasha Dudkina

Close-up of car on city street

By Andrius Aleksandravičius

Low angle view of town on hill

By Jörg

Full length of person by birds on street in city

By Erik Witsoe

Low section of man against cityscape during sunset

By DC Gallery

Low angle view of man in city against sky

By Cocu Liu

High angle view of people walking on city street

By Femi


By Josh Kuipers

road marking

By Tomoya Yamaguchi

Sunlight falling on buildings

By Mikhail Pletnev


By Josh Kuipers

Close-up of people in background

By Seng Kit Loy

Houses in giudecca seen through boat window during sunset

By Corrado Piccoli

Young couple looking at view from balcony

By Rafael

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