Inside Skid Row with Roger Clay

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We’re proud to present these powerful images by Roger Clay. Captured in Skid Row, one of the roughest and poorest districts of Los Angeles, these are the stories that Roger has to tell..

We’re proud to present these powerful images byRoger Clay. Captured in Skid Row, one of the roughest and poorest districts of Los Angeles, these are the stories that Roger has to tell:

My name is Roger Clay and I am an iPhoneographer from the Inland Empire of California . Recently I started traveling into Los Angeles to see the big city and work on some street photography. As I walked around I kept wandering into the Skid Row area of Downtown and found it interesting.

The further I ventured in I saw some awesome characters to photograph. Yes, it is Skid Row full of criminals, drugs and prostitution. But I have managed to photograph some people with great character and beauty.

I have worked as a Corrections Officer for over 17 years. iPhoneography has become a great stress relief from my crazy job . I never in my right mind considered walking these streets in fear of being recognized. But as I started these journeys through possibly one of the roughest areas of Los Angeles, I started to realize that there is beauty everywhere in life and not all of these people are bad, they are just everyday people.

I plan on continuing these walks through Skid Row and surrounding areas capturing everyday life and I will post here at EyeEm. Thank you for taking the time to view these stories and photographs.

This is Lou . I did manage to talk with this man briefly .His knowledge of the the local Hot dog stands was excellent. What a great person to talk to and photograph.

This woman was standing on the corner of 7th and San Pedro waiting for a bus. I observed her for while with her colorful clothes and her strong personality shined as I watched her interact with others.

Full of swagger this tall man was in a world of his own . I have observed many characters down here and this man takes the cake. Taken on the corner of 5th St. and Maple .

I have tried to talk to these people and it just depends on who your talking to. A while back I had a talk with this homeless man named Fernando who was actually ran out of Skid Row . Fernando was so awesome to talk too he actually wanted me to take picture of him with his family.

So he reached inside his cardboard box and showed me the pictures of his family. I cant believe how a person so far down on his luck can be so happy. Made me appreciate things much more.

As I walked around the numerous districts of Downtown LA often see the random street art but as I was headed into City Center East ” Skid Row ” this one really confused me for a sec.

I saw this mural from across the street it was fashioned from an old screen door. I am positive the artist who created this was making a statement . Considering the area it was placed.

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