In Bloom: 10 Photos Of Cherry Blossoms To Send You Into A Daydream

By Lucy - 2 min read

From Seoul to the UK

As winter thaws through its last bits of ice, spring has begun to inch its way across the northern hemisphere. The blooming of cherry blossoms has long been a sign of spring’s arrival not just in Japan, but in cities around the world. While you might be far from a cherry blossom grove or are still waiting for the cold to end in your part of the world, we gathered up a collection of cherry blossoms photos from Washington D.C., Tokyo, Seoul, and more.

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Sheffield, United Kingdom

Rear view of woman walking on street by cherry blossom tree

By Jose

Mount Fuji


By Christian Bjerknes

Hamburg, Germany

White cherry blossoms in springtime

By Chris Zielecki

Tokyo, Japan

Close-up of cherry blossom tree

By ByeEm

Bruneck, Italy

Close-up of cherry blossom in spring

By Katrin Böge

Hirosaki City, Japan

Cherry blossom branches against castle

By Katsuaki Shoda

Stockholm Sweden

People walking under cherry blossom trees

By Sebastian Lindfors

Jomsom, Nepal

Cherry blossom tree against snow covered mountains

By Matteo Vanerio

Tokyo, Japan

Low angle view of cherry blossoms blooming outdoors

By Jan T.

Seoul, South Korea


By Alex SM Han

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