Image Collection: 20 Awe-Inspiring Photographs of Japan’s Sakura Season

By Maddie - 5 min read

Nothing ushers in spring like the blooming of the cherry blossoms. In Japan, sakura season is short but sweet.

Nothing ushers in spring like the blooming of the cherry blossoms. In Japan, hanami season is an annual event that celebrates the blooming of sakura (Japanese for “cherry blossom tree”). Tourists flood in from around the world to catch a glimpse of these fleeting beauties.

Japan boasts over 100 varieties of cherry trees that only bloom for two to ten days, depending on the weather. Hanami (meaning “flower viewing”) is a national pasttime in Japan, which is accompanied by many festivals, events, parties and cherry blossom-flavored foods and drinks.

Top 5 spots for seeing Japan’s cherry blossom trees

1. Yoshino –Here the cherry blossom trees line the mountainsides forming a beautiful white and pink tapestry.
2. Tokyo –Don’t miss the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, one of the most famous parks in Japan for hanami.
3. Kyoto –If in Kyoto, don’t miss the Maruyama-kōen with it’s gigantic sweeping tree that is often lit at night.
4. Aomori Prefecture –This part of Japan has many great viewing spots, but the Hirosaki Sakura Festival is not to be missed.
5. Hokkaido –Here you can see the dual blossoming of the cherry and plum trees.

Now feast your eyes on the ethereal beauty of sakura and delight in the coming of a new season.

Cherry blossoms Sakura spring blue sky by Yuumi Kimura on EyeEm

Cherry blossoms spring Pink by 선영 박 on EyeEm

Sakura Cherry blossoms by cynicrosy on EyeEm

Woman sitting in park

何読んではるんかな〜。 桜 spring 読書 by amebiyori on EyeEm

Cherry blossoms street photography Hanging out by toary on EyeEm

Cherry blossoms 桜 ぴんく… iPhone Photography flowerporn by on EyeEm


Sakura flower EyeEm Nature Lover nature_collection by Take on EyeEm

目黒川の桜 Sakura  flower by yuki666 on EyeEm

Scenic trees with boating in foreground

Chidorigafuchi がとっても綺麗でした。 by Kaz Yonezu on EyeEm

Sakura お花見 by noriko on EyeEm

Close-up of flowers against building

Sakura madness along the Meguro. Japan hanami Sakura japan scenery by Peter Jacobs on EyeEm

EyeEm Nature Lover Cherry blossoms flower collection 同じじゃなくても… by *Yuu* on EyeEm

sakura and Japanese white eye spring bird streamzoofamily Sakura by amu_ka on EyeEm

髪結い(島田)の取材しました。 Japan Beautiful day 桜 着物 by なお nao on EyeEm

Sakura flowers by SATOSHI MORIYAMA on EyeEm

IGにてfutureされたので、アプ予定なかったですが、嬉しかったのでこちらにも…(*^^*) 真四角のほうが、見やすいかも…このpic…いや、あんましかわらんか(笑) EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Best Shots – Flowers flowerporn Cherry blossoms by yuki on EyeEm

4/2 上野 ueno park Tokyo Cherry blossoms cabu filter by Hisame on EyeEm

さくら 目黒川 Cherry blossoms by 孫 瑠衣 on EyeEm

Cherry blossoms enjoying life flowers EyeEm Nature Lover by Fujimi on EyeEm