I Spy Something Beginning With Q: The Winners Of The EyeEm x Audi Mission

By Cherrie - 3 min read

15 photos were exclusively licensed by Audi – and exhibited in Berlin!

The latest Audi campaign, “Where there’s a Q there’s a way” is derived entirely from the letter Q, with different Q-words symbolizing the characteristics of the new Audi range (Q3, Q5 and Q7). We teamed up with Audi to launch Mission Q and ask the EyeEm Community: What imagery makes you think of the letter Q?

The 15 most creative photos were licensed exclusively and exhibited in the Q Gallery in the Audi City Berlin. Additionally, 3 of the images were printed on aluminum dibond, displayed in the window and will soon be posted to the photographers themselves. A huge congratulations to all the winning photographers – and thank you to those who entered!

The 3 Winning Shots:

The three winning shots on display. L-R: Quadrat by nazirazhari, Queue, Quadratisch.

young men

Queue. By Jing Guo

Quadratisch. By flyfish

9 of the Runners-Up:

cloud - sky

Quiet. By Mor Egbar

low section

Quaint. By Silvia

animals in the wild

Quartet. By Jing Guo

Woman sleeping on bed

Quiet. By red_dirt_girl

Side view of two horned animals on landscape

Quarrel. By Rubal

real people

Queue. By Cristian Bortes

human hand

Quadrilateral. By Rita Saitta “Atypic ART” s. / 📷 🎨71427321893

Directly above of cake with cinnamon in plate on table

Quarktorte. By Michael Moeller

Person riding vehicle on street seen from tunnel

Quick. By Windson Water

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Header image by @MichaelMoeller.

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