Starting out as a photo seller can be daunting: How do you know which photos are actually in demand? To answer this question, we regularly look at the bestselling photos on EyeEm Market to show you which overall themes are currently in demand.

If you’re unsure what to shoot next, let yourself be inspired by these shots: They show that creating a bestseller often isn’t about the camera or subject, but about timing your shoots to coincide with the seasons, holidays, or trending themes.

May: Impending Summer

A Bird's Eye View beach beach holiday blue Calm City Coastline crowd crowded day enjoyment high angle view large group of people sand scenics sea shore summer tourism Tourist tranquil scene Tranquility travel destinations Vacations water

By Alexandra

This month’s selection of images is picked from our most recent update of Market Bestsellers 2017, which is all about about summer knocking on our doors.

Orange closeup fruit structure Pattern, texture, shape and form Learn & Shoot: Leading Lines Pattern Pieces Nature's Diversities
By martinj

Summery photos being suddenly in demand isn’t very surprising – after all, Spring has almost ended and image buyers are looking for images to use in upcoming campaigns.

The Moment - 2015 EyeEm Awards Capture The Moment color palette
By Alina Potapenko

POV From My Point Of View perfect moment butterfly animal portrait Deceptively Simple butterfly collection special moment Live for the Story Capture The Moment
By Nina

What unites these pictures is their reliance on bright colors and soft bokeh to highlight some the mainstays of summer: Produce and flowers, ice cream and time in the sunshine.

Macarons sweet
By Makiko

Boots casual clothing enjoying life Field Grass grassy leisure activity lifestyles outdoors person Red Run Running style uniqueness
By Jennifer Kay

You’ll also notice the ongoing popularity of photos with people in them: Often shown indirectly through their hands or with obscured features, they humanize the image and add a sense of scale – all without don’t need a model release.

Showcase April springtime enjoying life Nature landscape Hello world Taking Photos EyeEm EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Best Edits EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Flower Beautiful Nature flower porn flower collection Cherry blossoms OpenEdit photography eye4photography spring Beautiful light and shadow eye4photography fine art
By H.Fujimoto

My son jumping in the sun. Together, we can Make Magic Happen with a simple action shot . jumping is always good times, and at our house boys will be boys. Adrenaline Junkie Capturing Freedom Youth Of Today trampoline From above Blonde Hair Joyful excited childhood creative angle Alternative Fitness A Bird's Eye View
By Eygabroad

Now’s the time to shoot more summer pictures and get them uploaded to EyeEm Market. Working on seasonal content is always a great idea, and you can even plan ahead – upload some of your winter photos or fall pictures, even if it’s getting warm outside.

one animal holding person wildlife Animals in the Wild close-up Frog focus on foreground Freshness zoology
By Cory Holodnyj

girl summer Summertime Finland forest Dancing
By Peppi

day Green Green color Low angle view outdoors palm frond Palm Leaf Palm tree Pink pink color Pink wall tropical tree Adapted to the City
By Tilmann Gierth

Remember that photos with people in them always sell the best. If possible, ask your friends to model for your in your seasonal pictures, then get their permission to sell the photos. We’ve made this really easy on the EyeEm app – read about it here.

she Muse holding roses women photooftheday
By Kim Bui

Autumn basket DIY Eco food fruit harvest healthy eating italy Nature olive oil olives Tuscany village life
By Herr Carlsson

By Mohd Fazli Pang

Here are some more photos that sold last month – all encapsulating summer and what it feels like to live it. Consider it an ode to the season and an invitation to start uploading.

Adult close-up dairy product Dessert flavored ice food Food and Drink frozen food frozen sweet food gourmet holding human hand ice cream ice cream cone indulgence only women people scoop shape Snack summer sweet food Temptation unhealthy eating Venice, Italy women
By Travlr

cabbage close-up Farm food garden no people outdoors vegetables
By Traveler

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Taking Photos
By Joan Lai

Railing sea water men Rear view Standing solitude Tranquility tranquil scene tourism outdoors day sky Vacations scenics the way forward beauty in Nature Tourist Attraction Tourist Clifftop glass balcony birds eye view Madeira
By Seamus Henderson

43 Golden Moments Showcase July Golden chest Sparkle
By Utku

close-up blur BBQ Nikon bokeh shootermag streamzoofamily fire 50mm Taking Photos barbecue heat coal Nikon D5200 50mm 1.4 nikonphotography From My Point Of View Perspective bokeh photography EyeEm the best shots EyeEm Masterclass depth of field Flame point of view POV
By [ x ]

music festival festival colors festival photography festival people Festival Season colors are beautiful leggings leggings day :) colors of life colour of life Enjoy the New Normal
By Silvia

motion activity mid-air jumping Skill young adult sport night one person outdoors skateboard park Skateboarding street real people
By Ilias Kountanis

Header by martinj.