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#EyeEmPaid: Top-Selling Photos

By Madeline - 8 min read

Photo editor Madeline walks us through the most successful photo themes of the holiday season.

Each month, we review the images that sold the most on EyeEm Market. We look for emerging trends and themes to share with you—so that you have a better idea of what buyers are looking for.

In November, it became very clear how much buyers’ behavior is determined by the season. As we near the end of the year, I spotted several trends that have to do with the holidays and the switch to 2018.

New Year’s Resolutions

Each turning of the year holds the promise of personal reinvention. Marketers like to tap into the optimism and promote lifestyle and fitness products. They’re buying photos to express New Year’s resolutions—or positive personal goals in general.

 Barefoot,  Close-Up,  Day,  Feet Up,  Flexibility
 54-59 Years,  Adult,  Blue,  Concrete,  Day
 20-24 Years,  Exercise Equipment,  Exercising,  Focus On Foreground,  Gym

Party Season

The end of the year marks the season for office parties, New Year’s celebrations, and other social get-togethers. This time of the year is perfect for snapping photos of various social happenings, which will sell all year round.

 20-24 Years,  25-29 Years,  Adult,  Adults Only,  Arms Raised
 Beauty Product,  Blush Brush,  Body Care And Beauty,  Choice,  Cosmetics
 Adult,  Arts Culture And Entertainment,  Barber,  Barber Shop,  Black Hair
 Arrangement,  Celebration Event,  Ceremony,  Close-Up,  Decoration

Staying In

Winter is dark and cold; no wonder people are staying in more than during the rest of the year. Photos encapsulating the coziness of season and its various activities get picked up around this time of year—particularly if they show some concrete activities.

 Breakfast,  Burner - Stove Top,  Close-Up,  Coffee - Drink,  Day
 Baked,  Chocolate,  Chocolate Chip,  Close-Up,  Cooling Rack
 Bathroom,  Bathtub,  Body Care,  Bubble Bath,  Close-Up
 18-19 Years,  Adult,  Beautiful People,  Behind,  Close-Up

Winter Getaways

A lot of people travel during these winter months, if only to get some sun into their lives. Not only do travel photos sell well not, it’s a great time to get some photos uploaded in time for the spring’s travel season.

 Aerospace Industry,  Aircraft,  Airplane,  Airport,  Airport Runway
 Adult,  Airplane,  Airplane Seat,  Commercial Airplane,  Day
 Adventure,  Beauty In Nature,  Close-Up,  Day,  Exploring
 Close-Up,  Day,  Holiday,  Horizontal Image,  Human Hand


This theme isn’t limited to the holidays—but it sells particularly well towards each end of the year: Not only do they
add some humanity to each photo, they also tell stories and convey a sense of tangibility. The best part: If there are no recognizable marks visible, you won’t need a model release for them!

 Black Color,  Colored Background,  Communication,  Copy Space,  Cropped
 65-69 Years,  Adult,  Adults Only,  Australia,  Casual Clothing
 Beauty In Nature,  Chambéry,  Close-Up,  Day,  Focus On Foreground
 Clenching,  Close-Up,  Cropped,  Day,  Fist

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Header photo by Sportsn.