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How Do You Like Your Food on the Go?

By Maddie - 2 min read

You told us in thousands of absolutely mouthwatering images

Going through the photos from the Food on the Go mission was pure torture! So many delectable dishes, craveable treats and yummy sweets from around the globe. We hope your mouth doesn’t water as much as ours did.

Congratulations to the winners! Now take some time to delight in these appetizing images – or better yet, take part in one of our current missions.

Person holding hot dog

By daFred

By tokage

Close-up of burger served in plate

By Luis Ferraz


By Nik Juzaili

By Tobias Scheidt

By Maria Poniatowski

Woman with ice cream in park

By Adedizzle

Close-up view of hand holding cheeseburger

By Dávid Balogh

By steph

Close up of bread with arugula

By Mimi Elizabeth

Egg in frying pan on stove

By Biju Chandroth


By Biju Chandroth

By cocoa*×37

By Chloe

Close up of hand holding plate with pasta in sunlight

By Katerina Sar

Chef preparing food on barbecue grill in commercial kitchen

By zapvista

By s h a k t y

By Liquid G

By janice

By 灯芯先生Lampwicky

Close-up of sausages with bun slices on barbecue grill

By grimlenn

By h_alnaama

By windkatze


By Sylvia Bauer

By Lea

Thanks for taking part! If you’re feeling creative, why not add your photo to a mission? Check the Missions tab in the app for more details.

Header photo by @zapvista

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