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EyeEm in London: A Visual Love Letter

By Marili - 3 min read

We wanted to mark our entry into the UK market with an EyeEm creative project, with the British Journal of Photography as our partner. We love London. We love the community we have there. It's home now – and Postcode Postcards is our calling card and love letter.

In late November, we popped up in London to celebrate the kick-off of our new EyeEm custom creative for UK brands. A truly powerful interactive experience took place that grew us even closer to one of the world’s most creative cities.

We partnered with The British Journal of Photography to host a community wide Mission, combined with a custom shoot completedin less than 8 hours. We mixed this with the most engaged and excited community eager to create - and it brought us the best week in London we could have imagined.

The Collective in LDN

We challenged five local photographers from our London Collective to shoot their favorite spots in the city, edit, process, and present the results in less than 24 hours. James, Bas, Lamarr, Milo and Somayeh took EyeEm on a tour through the streets of their home.

James shot analog and spent the hours following the shoot in his University darkroom developing his film. Lamarr and Milo parkoured their way through London. Bas snapped the architecture, and Somayeh caught it all in motion.

By Richard Gray

“It was great to work with EyeEm on its Postcode Postcards Mission. The wealth of inventive and creative interpretations of the subject matter was a pleasure to see.”

Lisa Farrell, Head of Exhibitions and Events at British Journal of Photography

Engaging the World

Although this was a London specific project, we never miss the chance to engage our global community of 20+ million creators. For the week leading up to our big London takeover, we challenged the full EyeEm community to show us their favorite London spots. In our Mission, ‘Postcode Postcards’ we found the most visually stunning images caught through a local lens.

After 10 days, we saw over 23,000 submissions from more than 3,500 photographers. Leaving us with a beautiful selection of London images caught by the world.

Snap and Influence - Creating the Collective

We identified EyeEm and Instagram influencers located in London who we knew without a doubt could showcase interesting perspectives through a unique lens. Through this project, we saw social buzz around both the collective shoot and event thanks to our collective and London community, a good place to start with content distribution.

“Working with the collective, understanding how they approach a task creatively & how they are paving their careers in the creative industry is really beneficial in gaining new perspectives on photography and teaching each other technical tips & tricks.”

- James Greenhalgh, LDN Collective

Coming Together Offline

We’ve always been about connecting creatives, whether it’s to brands or each other. And doing this offline always brings a special feeling to both us and our community.

For this special London celebration, we partnered with The British Journal of Photography to showcase some of the best photography from our ‘Postcode Postcards’ project. Photos from the Mission were exhibited throughout the night which gave the event a worldwide presence - and the local photographers who participated in our collective shoot the previous day had the chance to showcase their work and tell their unique stories.