How Did Photography Change Your Life?

By Cherrie - 3 min read

Discovering photography has been a life-changing experience for many members of our EyeEm Community, as we found out!

It’s incredible to hear just how much photography means to members of the EyeEm Community. The desire tocapture thebeautyin the everyday is something we allhave in common and, for some of us,taking photos has changed the way we see the world and how we express ourselves. When askedjust whywe love photography on the EyeEm Team account and Facebook page, the responses were touching.

Here’s what the Community had to say:

People on alley by buildings in city


Δ Λ Π Τ Σ ࿐, @dantes1401

“For me shooting is a subtle yet strong bond between reality and the imagination. Shooting constantly is a way to relieve my daily stress, and a reminder that every day is a celebration of Life and Beauty! To shoot is to live, to feel…”Δ Λ Π Τ Σ ࿐, @dantes1401

“I am severely hearing impaired. I may not be able to hear most of what is going on around me but with my photography I can capture it all.”USA Carol Sharkey USA, @carolsharkey

“Photography is an extraordinary means of isolating and eternalizing a scene. Whether you are capturing a gorgeous landscape or something ordinary, YOU canview it as extraordinary and share thiswith others asart. Taking photographs opens up a new dimension in the way I see – itmakes me appreciate both the little things and the vastness of it all.”Fohi, @fomigo



Nugraha Kusuma, @notalux

“Photography is my ritual behind the existence of the world – the mix of light and shadow to documenting our dimension. I could just take a photo and someone may hate it or love it. But more importantly, when my photo makes someone say ‘I can feel it, I want to be there’ – then I feel complete.”Nugraha Kusuma, @notalux

“I love photography because the lens becomes my eyes. I’ve had visual problems since I was 2 years old, then I discovered that cameras allow me to see things I’d otherwise never seen.And after that I can share them so other peoplecanunderstand why some things deserve more attention for me than others.”Cris Salcido, @crissalcido1



Nugraha Kusuma, @notalux

“I love photography because it gets me away from the world and challenges me to see the best in every object or location. It taught me that everything has a purpose, and it also taught to look through my eyes using my soul and heart.”Nicklas, @nicklashansen

“Photography has done more for me than any medication or therapy ever could. Losing myself in deep concentration, paying closer attention to my breathing, the wind, or the movement of light and shadow… Nothing**else around me. This gives me peace of mind andallows me to appreciate details that would normally be overlooked.”Carol Haynes, @carolhaynes359

Header image by Tclock_, @tclok.