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15 Images of Power and Strength: An Image Collection

By EyeEm Team - 2 min read

Where do you find your strength from? We found out!

Our recent mission with LIVESTRONG was all about What Makes You Strong? Whether it’s getting lost in nature, cozying up with a good book or relaxing with friends, we all need to find strength from different sources.

Whether emotional or physical, your challenge was to capture these sources of strength for your chance to be featured by both EyeEm and LIVESTRONG. We were seriously impressed with the calibre of submissions and are delighted to share these highlights with you.

By urban poetry

By Braedy Warren

By Tereza Machovská

By Abigail R

By Julia Elisa

By Rachel

Rear view of woman with dog looking away while sitting on shore at beach

By Daygona

By Shanti Sun

By Sasha Dudkina

By Daniel St.Cyr

By Joanna

By Artu


By 心中的轮回

By Ricky Prudencio

High angle view of men kayaking in sea

By darom77

Great job everyone! You can check out the full What Makes You Strong? album on EyeEm. If you want to take part in a mission, simply check out the missions tab in the app for more details.

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Header Image by @Joannapicturesthis