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Reflected Glory: 18 Images of Reflections

By Lucy - 2 min read

Don’t miss the top photos from this challenging mission

Puddles, lakes, sunglasses, mirrors and shop windows. What do all these things have in common? Reflection! You got creative with these different surfaces and took some amazing photos for our Time to Reflect Mission with iPhone Photography School.

The top three photographers have won membership to the iPhone Photo Academy’s in-depth training course, as well as the opportunity to be interviewed and featured on the iPhone Photography site.

And the winners are…

By Tom Lund


By christian

By Fabian Palencia

The following fifteen shortlisted images will be featured on iPhone Photography School’s blog. Congratulations!

By Jodi Pradipta

By John McCarney

By sar…

By André

Architecture reflected in puddle

By conor lunt

By vzrl

By Tin MarTin

By Oliver

By 大尾巴鸡

By jacqueline_lee

Reflection of man at street against clear sky on puddle

By Mr Freakz

By Rico

By Michele Gargiulo

View of puddle in street

By chris_stern

By Brandon Kidwell

Thank you for submitting such incredible photos! And thanks to iPhone Photography School for making a stellar selection. For some inspirational tips, check out these ten tips for getting the best reflection shots on your smartphone.

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Header Image by @berlininfo