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We’re proud to introduce you to Sébastien Pelegrin aka seb_gordon today. Having joined EyeEm only 5 months ago, Sébastien quickly became an active member of the community and his subtle street shots made the rounds in the blackandwhite and TheMinimals albums…

We’re proud to introduce you to Sébastien Pelegrin aka seb_gordon today. Having joined EyeEm only 5 months ago, Sébastien quickly became an active member of the community and his subtle street shots made the roundsin the blackandwhite and TheMinimals albums.

In this little interview we asked him about life in the South-West of France, his work as an art director and why he posts an image on Facebook every day before 10 AM…

Hi there! Please introduce yourself a little bit: who are you, what do you do, where do you come from and how was your day today?

Hi! I’m Sébastien, working as an Art Director in magazine publishing. I am 43 and I live in the South West of France. I live in a small town named Lectoure, home of a fairly large photography festival every summer.

I started to take pictures about ten years ago using a small point and shoot digital camera. I bought my first reflex in 2007, a canon 400d and upgraded to a 5DII a couple of years ago.I started to use my iPhone about a year ago when I downloaded IG. Since then, I look at things differently, seeing pictures I want to take everywhere all the time.

Can you tell us more about the photo festival in Lectoure?

L’été photographique de Lectoure is a photo festival which introduces 9 photographers from different nationalities this year. My favorite this year isArnold Odermatt(Switzerland), who was a policeman in the early 60s. He was the photographer in his team.

He shot many fantastic pictures in square format with his Rolleiflex 6×6, color and B&W shots from everyday life in his police team: car crashes, training, office life… the story of this guy is really cool. His son found all theseold pictures in the attic of his father’s house and decided to print and exhibit them.

Arnold Odermatt – Buochs, 1965


Arnold Odermatt – Vierwaldstaettersee, 1972*

What does your typical day look like?

Since 243 days (and until 365 days) I’m taking a photo every morning with a good friend of mine, Polli Kaminski. We post a photo on Facebook every day before 10 AM. A picture that translates our morning mood…

After that I go to work, and sometimes I take pictures on my way to the office. I’m a lucky guy, I love my job: 8 hours (or more!) a day in front of a big and powerful 27inches iMac, using Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator to create print magazines.

At the end of my day work I go back home, take a beer with friends, have dinner, post and comment on EyeEm and finally go to bed!

When do you usually take pictures?

Well, I take pictures many times a day. I got my iPhone in my pocket all the time! Sometimes I go for shooting trips with some friends, but in the meantime I shoot alone.

You live in beautiful south of France. How’s life there?

Life is sweet in Gascony, I get a lot of sun! I live in the middle of the farm fields and get to see a lot of beautiful landscapes. I really enjoy the food where I live in the South West: good wine, good food.(Foie Gras is the speciality here!).

If you were an animal, which one would you be?

I wish I were a bird, flying in the sky, gliding, experiencing bird’s view, and all the freedom associated with flying.

Out of the photos you shot in recent times, is there one that tells a particular story?

I like this picture. This was taken during my first exhibit of iPhone shots. The man came in front of my pictures. This was a unique moment that I captured. The exhibit was held in Toulouse in July and also featured many others mobile photographers.

What are your top 3 tips for shooting B&W?

What I like the most is B&W street photography!

First you need to get the right exposure.

Secondly you need to reach the right place, the right framing and then keep an eye open for the right moment.

Thirdly, you need to learn to master my favorite app for B&W, 645pro.

What inspires you and why?

I get inspired by people: I love people, people in the street, people at work, people everywhere. Then I get influenced by other iPhoneographers like Thomas K., Philippe Paark, and I love the Minimals. I often use the Minimals album for posting on EyeEm.

What are your projects right now and in the future?

My first project it’s going back to live in Paris. 10 years of country side is enough! I love streetphotography so much and Paris is THE city for streetphotographers in France. Then, I would make exhibitions, meet others photographers, visit New-York and Hong Kong… : )

Thank you for the interview, Sébastien! Now and check out more of Sébastiens work here and say hi.

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