What makes a picture beautiful? The answer usually depends on what kind of photography is popular at the moment. Each year sees the invention of new techniques, styles, and aesthetics – and together they affect our taste and perception.

At EyeEm, we keep close tabs on what community members share with each other. This allows us to spot new photography trends as they bubble to the surface. We have summarized the most popular new aesthetics in our current Visual Trends report that you can download for free.

This is an in-depth look at the “Golden Shimmer” trend, including lots of sample images to inspire your campaigns – or to license directly.

By Muhammad Irfanul Alam

By Jan O

By Patrycja Polechonska

By Francesco Sambati

By Alina Potapenko

By Cyann

By McCutcheon

By Adam Smialy

By Artem Varnitsin

By 群 魏

By Leo

By Rytis Šeškaitis

By Devonald Williams

By Yelitza

By Gvozden

By M2J

By Drazen Stader

By Steven Swinnen

By Mubariz Khan

By Max

By liz


By Jordan Tempro

By Gencive de Truie

By Yvonne

Header image by @yompyz.