Getting To Know the EyeEm Community Guidelines

By Maddie - 2 min read

Keeping EyeEm a happy & fun place for photography and creativity

Over the last few months some of you have asked what kind of content and behavior makes for the best experienceonEyeEm. We listened, sat down and expanded our existing community guidelines so all of us can continue havinga great time together.

You can read a full version of the guidelines here, but here’s a quickoverview of the 3 points that createthe foundation fora great community:

Be original

Use EyeEm to take original photos and share them with your friends and the community. It’s beautiful to see the moments captured each and every day when you share your ownworld. Only upload photos that you have taken yourself.

Be kind

EyeEm is a community of photographers who are truly supportive and respectful. Don’t mass-follow, spam or leave offensive messages. Instead, leave fun comments on images you like, give feedback and connect with photographers from all over the world.

Be respectful

When sharing photos on EyeEm, consider that someimages you upload may not besuitable for everyone. If you share sensitive photos, please always mark them as “Sensitive” (via the “Edit” button on the Photo View). Only people who have activated “Sensitive” (Settings > Content Type) will be able to view photos marked as such.

Thisnew setting is now activeon both iOS and Android. It allows you todefine which of your photos is suitable for what audience. By marking your photo as “Sensitive”, you make sure that only people who choose to see this type of content will see it, and reduce the likelihood that your images get reported and/or removed. Explicit content is never allowed on EyeEm and will always be removed.

Feel free toread through the entire Community Guidelines here, and also check our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. These are helpful resources and guidelines to make sure everyone enjoys being part of the EyeEm community.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re always here to help!

By Severin

Header Image by @severin