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Fresh on Market: The Center of Attention

By EyeEm Team - 5 min read

Hypnotizing shots that demonstrate your eyes are drawn to symmetry.

Looking for engaging images to power your brand? Each month we bring you a selection of engaging photos–and explain what makes them stand out.

This time, we have several photos with a clear emphasis on the center. As you’ll notice, the eye naturally jumps to the subject of these shots, which is an effect perfect for catching and retaining attention.

Center-weightened composition use negative space, symmetry, and point-of-view shots to draw you in: There’s an order to them when natural lines—like the horizon or streets—structure a photo or when point-of-view compositions create the impression of seeing something through your own eyes.

Take a look yourself: The following pictures aren’t just beautiful to look at, they each use a composition that draws you in—and makes them the center of your attention.

Portrait of young woman standing in sea against sky

By Magda Korzewska

High angle view of moored boats

By Lewis Gaston

Low angle view of child in amusement park

By Nick Axtell

Close-up of white cup on table

By Abdulrahman saleh

Silhouette of man on beach at sunset

By Liam Rimmington

Carpet in mid-air

By Yongki Hermawan

Man in window

By Rike

Close-up of hand against sky

By Mitchell Searle

Airplane flying against clear blue sky

By Stefan Brost


By Alex McMartin

View of waterfall in forest

By Phil Gva


By Feniles

Close-up of hand touching puppy

By Hà Nghiêm

Bell tower in sea against mountains

By Alessandra Eusebio

Aerial view of road amidst desert

By Altamash Javed

Beautiful young woman standing against curtain

By Criene

Close-up of woman hand holding cup seen through glass

By Edward Clynes

Scenic view of star field against sky at night

By igede jaya

Abandoned airplane on snow covered landscape against clear sky

By Michael Schauer



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