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Dress to Express: A Fresh Approach to Capturing Street Style

By Maya - 3 min read

More than just a fashionable term, the street style aesthetic celebrates self-expression and inclusivity – in turn, helping you connect with your audience.

When choosing photos for your campaigns, homogeneity is out: Compelling, contemporary visuals that connect with the diverse people you engage with are of the essence.

Based on a desire to be different, blending fashion and confidence to create a unique look, street style is about authentic taste of individuals – and how they choose to present themselves in public.

Want to speak the language of a young, urban audience? Photos of street style are the way to do it: They use rich colors and clean-cut compositions to bring a sense of order to the busy streets. On top of that, they do wonders to focus a viewer’s attention.

Above all, they communicate diversity: The streets are a democratic place—and showing its contrasts is a perfect way to make clear you’re embracing beauty in all forms.

Man driving vintage car against sea
Young woman wearing sunglasses standing against yellow corrugated iron
Close-up of man holding pineapple
Young woman seen through window at cafe
Cropped image of people holding cotton candy against corrugated iron
Full length of woman with red shawl standing on snow against sky
Portrait of beautiful woman standing against building in city
Woman holding yellow balloon in front of face against trees
Directly above shot of woman holding leaf while sitting on poolside
Close-up girl wearing swimming goggles
Cropped hand of woman closing blue curtain of changing room
Close-up of young woman standing against wall
Rear view of woman walking on road
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