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Fresh on Market: A New Look at Sports

By Brada - 8 min read

Summer is the time to get moving – here’s an inspirational collection by EyeEm photographers that pictures sports in a new way.

Each month, we present you with a selection of the photos our community has recently made available for licensing on EyeEm Market. From all the photos uploaded, I create selections that show you how EyeEm photographers explore different topics. This month, I let myself be inspired by the season: Each summer, we see an increase in photos that show people doing sports and moving in the sunshine.

This collection includes many different interpretations of sports pictures: Some of them are inspired by street photography, others are abstract, some are borderline funny. And guess what: By departing from the usual way to showing sports, they might actually inspire a viewer to start moving. If you’re looking for new perspectives on a given topic, make sure to check out the 80 million+ photos on EyeEm Market.

By Katherina KS

By Luthfy Prayoga

By Criene

By Dave Hill

By Emanuel

By Algimantas Barzdzius

By Keily Hotchkin

By Fabian Schmiedlechner

By Melissa O’Hearn

By Angela Bax

By Annette Stoffregen

By Kenby


By Syed Jafri

By Maartje van Caspel

By Anna Wagner

By Reese Lassman

By Mariam Ushkhvani

By Phil

By Chiara Lombardi

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Header image byAngela Bax.