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Sporting Behavior: An Artistic Look at Active Lifestyles

By Brada - 3 min read

There's more than one way to capture healthy lifestyles – as these license-ready photos show. Head of Photography Brada shared her favorite interpretations of sports on EyeEm Market right now.

New perspectives on conventional themes are what make visuals stand out in today’s saturated content space. Departing from predictablesports pictures – and showcasing a diverse array of body types in motion – makes way for a fresh, inclusive and above all representational look at healthy living. This curated collection shows themany forms sporting imagery can take, from the abstract to the fun.

Rear view of shirtless man
Close-up of hand of a man at skatepark
Low section of person on skateboard
Cropped image of bicycle pedal at night
Young man doing handstand
Woman practicing martial arts on retaining wall of building terrace
Low section of girls standing on the floor
Close-up of shirtless man at beach against sky
Low section of man in sea against sky
Close up of swimming pool
Woman swimming in pool
Low section of man playing golf
Rear view of woman lying in grass
Cropped image of man attaching net on goal post against sky
Silhouette people in tunnel
Portrait of young woman
Aerial view of people rowing boat at sea
Young woman standing against wall
Low section of people playing outdoors

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