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By Brada - 4 min read

The latest and greatest photos to hit EyeEm Market

Looking for eye-catching and authentic photography for your campaign or creative project? Every two weeks, my team and I curate a Fresh on Market collection with the best newly submitted photos on EyeEm Market. That way we can give you a taste of how creative, powerful and unique the work of the EyeEm Community is!

My latest batch of top picks are in the Fresh on Market – May 2016 album. And below you’ll find the best of the best!

Close-up portrait of man with pizza on face

By Rodrigo Cordeiro

Man playing with fire

By [ x ]

Woman standing at night

By Eli Smith

Close-up of cute girl wearing helmet while standing at yard

By Misha No

By Scott Reyes

By Chris and Danika

Full length of woman standing on snow against sky during sunny day

By Noel

Portrait of woman against white background

By Pete

Portrait of young woman

By johnathan

Scenic view of eibsee lake by mountains

By Heiksen

Young man seen through leaves

By Gaia Novelli

Mid distance of torpedownia on sea against clear blue sky

By Waldemar Błażej Nowak

Close-up portrait of woman

By Jose Rodriguez

Close up of water

By Ihar Paulau

High angle view of female friends lying on grassy field

By Victoria Ivanova

Close-up of wet leaf

By Dávid Péter

Close-up of hands over black background

By Souvik Mitra

Portrait of young man blowing smoke

By Henk Holveck

Close-up portrait of young woman

By McCutcheon

By 🌸 Nixie 🌸

Long jetty leading to calm sea

By Deb

Catch even more of EyeEm Market’s freshest photos daily on Twitter @EyeEmMarket. If you’re looking to license photos for a campaign or creative project, our talented team is available for your curation needs. Get in touch for a free curation.

Header image by @losangeles.