Focus Object: Your Best Shots from the Fourth School of Photography Mission

By Madeline - 4 min read

Here’s how you used depth of field in last week’s Mission.

From October to December, we’re bringing you a new lesson of the EyeEm School of Photography every week. Lesson Four was about isolating objects in your photos to create an impression of depth.

As always, we asked you to apply the Lesson with a fitting Mission and you submitted your photos to Focus Object. Here we’re featuring some of the photos we liked best!

Thanks to everyone for taking part and congratulations if your photo was selected! We’ll have a new Lesson for you very soon.

By Michael Moeller

By Natalia


By Eduardo Bono

By GiULiA GHiSiNi Photo

By Yolanda Perez

By · F B S R ·

By shabab

By Dan

By Todd Clark

By Monika Dhita Adiati

By Ruslan Ivanov

By Víctor Del Pino

By Amy

By Schelbydesign Berlin

By Thorben Müller

By Rachel

By Ro Cárdenas Natera

By Florent Pronesti

By Karolína Hrdlička

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Header image by @navyblue2992.