Fjorden's New Grip Turns Your iPhone into a DSLR

By Ellen Clipson - 3 min read

Norway-based company Fjorden is reinventing mobile photography and now you have the chance to be a part of it. Find out how the EyeEm X Fjorden Professional iPhone Camera Grip makes your iPhone camera shoot just like a DSLR and get your hands on one before they sell out.

Over a decade and eleven EyeEm Awards seasons after we launched one of Berlin’s first mobile photography exhibitions, utilizing smartphone technology still remains the core of everything we do. This year we partnered with emerging brand Fjorden to unveil our latest addition to The EyeEm Awards–The Best Mobile Photo. To make The EyeEm Awards 2021 even more special we have collaborated with Fjorden to create a special edition EyeEm X Fjorden Professional iPhone Camera Grip.

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Exclusive Look: Fjorden Launches Its First Professional iPhone Camera Grip

Fjorden’s debut camera grip offers the same physical controls as a DSLR but is small enough to fit in your pocket. It also works as a fully adjustable smartphone kickstand and camera remote.

From portrait to landscape photography the amazing team at Fjorden have put years of experience and design expertise to create their very first iPhone camera grip. This ultimate iPhone grip gives your phone the feel and creative capacity of a professional compact camera whilst remaining as thin as an Apple Airpods case!

In a Snapshot: What Are The Key Features?

DSLR-like focus: the two-stage shutter button (half-press to focus and full press to release) offers DSLR-like focus.

Customizable dial features: the zoom lever, customizable dial, and function buttons include exposure control, shutter speed, ISO, White Balance, Portrait Mode, Film Simulations and more to offer even more professional control and creative potential

Pocketable: you can always have a professional camera with you: Fjorden is only 10.7mm (= 0.39in) thick; Fjorden + Case + iPhone 12 Pro are the same thickness as an Apple AirPods case (21.3mm = 0.83in).

Works as a fully adjustable iPhone kickstand in portrait & landscape mode: for reading notifications on your desk, doing video calls, watching YouTube videos, or viewing the alarm clock on your bedside table. The viewing angle can be freely adjusted using the built-in friction hinge.

Easy to attach/remove and move between phones when you upgrade: Fjorden clips into compatible Fjorden iPhone MagSafe cases or the Fjorden back plate adapter which fits onto the back of any phone. It takes less than a second to attach/remove (if you want to put your iPhone into a car mount, charging stand, running armband etc.), and when you upgrade your phone, Fjorden will keep working with your new iPhone.

Works as a camera remote: because Fjorden connects via Bluetooth, you can also place your phone on a tripod and use Fjorden as a vibration-free remote for changing camera/video settings (e.g. for astro/night photography, group portraits, selfies).

Compatible with Moment M-series lenses: Fjorden iPhone MagSafe Cases are compatible with the Moment M-Series lens mount, so that you can combine professional smartphone lenses with professional, physical camera controls.

Compatible other camera apps: If you have a favourite camera app, its developers can integrate with Fjorden.

With this link EyeEm users will get an exclusive Fjorden Camera Wrist Strap when they pre-order the limited edition EyeEm X Fjorden Professional iPhone Camera Grip!

How Does It Work?

On the iPhone, Fjorden works with the free Fjorden Camera app, which offers DSLR-like focusing and object-tracking modes as well as lets photographers take manual control of photographic parameters liike EV, Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance, Portrait Mode, Zoom, and much more. Not only that, but via an API & SDK, any camera app maker can integrate with the hardware. Fjorden iPhone cases are also compatible with Moment’s M-Series Lenses.

How to Get Your EyeEm X Fjorden iPhone Camera Grip

Join the kickstarter campaign

Early Bird Pricing:

Fjorden Grip + Back Plate Adapter only: $129 (Retail: $179)

Fjorden Grip + Fjorden iPhone MagSafe Case (iPhone 11/12 series): $149 (Retail: $199)

EyeEm Photographers Get A Free Gift!

Follow any of the links in this article to pre-order the limited edition EyeEm X Fjorden Professional Smartphone Camera Grip, and as an EyeEm user, you will get an exclusive Fjorden Camera Wrist Strap!

Pre-order the limited edition EyeEm X Fjorden Professional iPhone Camera Grip. As an EyeEm user, you will also receive an exclusive Fjorden Camera Wrist Strap!