The Winning Shots From A Frame Within A Frame Mission

By EyeEm Team - 3 min read

Check out the highlights from the recent “A Frame Within A Frame” mission.

Last week, we challenged you to find unusual examples of A Frames Within A Frame. The results were truly fantastic – you showcased not only a huge range of subject choices but also a whole lot of imagination!

Capturing a frame within a frame is an easy but striking photographic trick. Good composition, a creative eye and a steady hand can elevate a regularly shot image into something unusual, eye catching and memorable. If you haven’t tried yet, read our top tips for framing images for some pointers – why not give it a go yourself?

Check out our favorite shots below for even more inspiration.

By Olive

By Andras Kozari

By Stephan Stepanović

By Lilian

By Carlo Zamora

By Annalisa Fanizzi

By Stijn Dijkstra

By Mali

By Dravasp Shroff

By Heline Lam

By MGJBigMac

By wheway

By tomo

By lǝƃuɐ

By Steffi

By Herr MM

By alyssa

By Aygerim

By Guido Mencari

By えんぞう aka enzo

By tesnim

By Carlo Zamora

By Ivan Tam

By The Netted Pigeon

By Roberto Ceotto

Well done to everyone who took part – the A Frame Within A Frame album is absolutely teeming with fantastically shot images.

Feeling ready for a new photographic challenge? Check out the missions tab in the app for even more chances to show off your skills!

Header Image by @kin_yeung